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“…let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord!” (Ps 31:24)

Dear family and friends,

I had my second treatment today, and it went just fine.  Not much to report, really.  I went on my own, since George can’t be there and it made more sense for Kendra to stay home with him.  I was able to catch a ride with a friend who works near UCLA, so I didn’t have to drive home after the infusion.  We’ve been offered a lot of driving help, both for my appointments and for various kid needs, so that’s something we’re really grateful for.

On Tuesday when we got back from Ireland (see Kendra’s or my Facebook feeds or the Catholic All Year Instagram feed for some pictures, as well as video of Jack performing in a Dublin pub #prouddad).

I had a brief coughing fit on the drive home from the airport.  Looking at the hazy LA skyline, I briefly wondered if I had gotten so used to the fresh air in Ireland that I was too wimpy for LA smog now.  Then I noticed on Wednesday and Thursday a return of the somewhat wheezy breathing which in the last post I mentioned had cleared up.  My theory is that this week’s cough was the effect of the first infusion wearing off toward the end of the two week interval between treatments.  But I didn’t go all the way back to feeling the same way I did before beginning treatment.  It was more of a “two steps forward, half a step back” phenomenon.  I took this as a good sign that the infusion was really working and that perhaps the cumulative effect over time would be to knock the disease back more each time over the long run.  I mentioned all this to my oncologist today, and he said that my theory could be true.  He didn’t want to commit to anything, but he said that the treatments can definitely start to work as soon as a few days after initiation.  I hope this all makes sense, but to reiterate – I think this cough this week was a really good sign.

I found out that my next CT scan will be in the July 27-Aug 3 window, so that’s when we’ll know more about whether my theory has any merit.

On the Catholic calendar today we commemorate the lives of John Fisher and Thomas More, executed for their objections to the actions of Henry VIII.  Thomas More, the Man for All Seasons, is a hero for our times, I think.  Second only to the King in his power and influence at the time of his imprisonment, he was the wealthiest and most successful lawyer in London before he ever became Chancellor.  Yet he took very intentional actions to ensure that he remained humble.  He took an intense interest in the upbringing of his children.  He was a devoted husband.  He gave up everything on earth – all the wealth and power – and went to his death because he believed that the truth was on his side.  I want to stand for what is right as firmly as he did, and not fear loss of possessions, career, friendships, life – and that sure is hard sometimes.  Anyway, we celebrated in our house with Fish(er) N Chips and St. Thomas’Mores – all credit to Kendra for that!

Thanks for the continued prayers.  They mean a tremendous amount to us.

With fortitude and prayers for you,