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“[He] set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure.” Psalm 40:2

Dear Family and Friends,

Radiation session 2 was fine, feel fine, no side effects or anything.  The session was shorter, so the head pain, though it kicked in at the end, did not last for 20 straight minutes at the end of the session like it did on Friday.  Very easy in comparison.  I still prayed for all of you and all of the intentions you have communicated to me, and used the painful part especially for three family intentions.

Bolted down and ready to rock n roll

So I went with U2 Live Under a Blood Red Sky for the music.  Favorite album, and hence the Psalm 40 quote up above, also from the song “40,” the live performance of which – with the crowd belting out “how long to sing this song” – has always been very moving to me.  The technician, who one of the same guys from last week, and I talked about how much we would have loved to have been at that concert at Red Rocks.

Kendra and I started the day at the 19-week ultrasound, which was exciting.

Baby is 10oz and looking good all around.  We got a look at baby’s
face in another view.  That nose looks the same in every one of our kids’ U/S.

Knowing that we were going to be dealing in brains today and seeing more brain images than most people do, we asked the doctor for an extra image of the baby’s brain.

“That’s a good looking baby brain, guys.” – Doctor *
* Not an exact quote

We took a picture of my brain MRI to document the before and after, so that we can really celebrate right when – 3 months from now, as we expect – these tumors are banished and nowhere to be seen.

There’s one of the tumors on the right side – I think the 1.8cm one.  WTH?!!  Unacceptable!

We went out to dinner near UCLA – Thai food in honor of the Thai Cafe – and experienced the curious phenomenon of watching a red carpet movie premiere at the Fox Theater in Westwood, where they sometimes do these things, apparently.  We had kind of a front row seat from the sidewalk table of our restaurant.  I think we walked away from the whole experience happy that we didn’t know more about celebrities.  It was fascinating but really weird to observe the behavior of crowds and fans with respect to the actors.  In our world, it’s fun for the family to run into a teacher outside of school or one of the priests from the parish.  Or run into the guys from the fire station at the grocery store.  I like that life.

Last radiation session tomorrow.  I found out the new drugs will be ready for me tomorrow.  These ones are daily pills, so no more infusions.  I’ll start tomorrow or Wednesday.  Boots on, face to the enemy, running to the sound of gunfire.  Can’t wait.

With fortitude and prayers for you,