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“Nunc coepi” – Now I begin.

Dear family and friends,

I’ve begun treatment. Rock n roll! 

As one would expect, I was thanked for the quality of my veins.  I have tried to hire two of the nurses to come and work for my company.  Cancer patients are the last ones they expect to be trying to poach employees, but that loophole might close because of me.  I think there might be a patient non-solicitation agreement (aka The Tierney Consent, up there with HIPAA and Stark Law acknowledgements) I’ll have to sign next time.  I’ll keep you posted on that.

Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding about whether we could bring George with us.  We can’t.  Kendra and George had to drive home, and he’ll have to stay there.  Flying solo for now.

With fortitude and many prayers for you – offering this up for all those who read this and are praying for us.