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“I found the one whom my soul loves.” (Song of Solomon 3:4)

Dear Family and Friends,

Kendra and I celebrated our 17th anniversary Saturday (August 11), and we had fun with the whole family telling stories and remembering many great moments. 

Kendra is reacting like a good sport to a tradition at Marine
weddings – getting swatted on the backside with a sword
and being told, “Welcome to the Marine Corps, Mrs. Tierney!”

This year it was the second time we celebrated our anniversary fully under the shadow of cancer.  The first one was in 2007.  By the time 2008 rolled around, things really seemed to have lined up in our favor, that I had beaten it and that we had it in the rear view mirror.  Given how long it took to come back though, I still really think of it as though I had actually beaten it.  Anyway, I’ve spent time this weekend thinking about how great it has been to have Kendra at my side both times.  She’s as much a part of this whole story as I am.

The first time around, I had the interferon side effects to deal with (not badmouthing, just relating facts).  We had a friend who had gone through interferon for melanoma, and his wife pulled Kendra aside and encouraged her to be the most positive person in the room for the good of our family.  She took that and ran with it and hasn’t slowed down through any of this cancer stuff.  It’s pretty incredible to have someone making that sacrifice for me.  If she’s been worried, scared, sad, or mad about cancer, I haven’t been aware of it. In both episodes she’s just been sanguine and rock solid, and that’s a huge comfort.  Any stress or anxiety I have about this is mine to manage, because it’s not coming from her.

Another way to put this is that through these episodes, Kendra has given me what I needed most.  This is one of those areas where her own example has pushed me the most to bring my game up to hers.  I know what I need to do, and can see it coming…and I still comically whiff like I’m swinging at a nasty wiffle ball pitch.  What, is it just me?  Anyway, still working on it and it just makes me tremendously grateful to have found the person who was that perfect fit for me.

With fortitude and prayers for you,