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The good man out of the good treasure of his heart produces good.” (Luke 6:45)

Dear family and friends, 

This post isn’t about cancer.  I have my next scan on Thursday and will share results as soon as I can after that.

I’m excited to announce the launch of The Dad Project podcast.  This effort started to come together about a year ago when I had a conversation with a few friends who also have big families.  We were discussing the fact that because we have a lot of children, we get constant questions from other friends, colleagues, and even strangers about how we handle various aspects of family life ranging from toddler bedtimes to discipline to raising teens who aren’t lazy.  There’s clearly an appetite for answers.  So we thought we might be able to help other dads by recording and publishing talks about how we have handled various family challenges. And now we’re ready to go with our first episode.

You can subscribe to the podcast on your mobile device in the iOS Podcasts app for iPhones and iPads, SoundCloud for iOS or Android, or Google Play Music for Android.  Or you can search using the app’s search function.  You might get multiple search results, so look for our graphic:

You can also link to the podcast by way of our website:  The first episode is on building your own family culture, and the speaker is yours truly.  We intend to rotate through a large number of speakers we know personally, and post one episode per month on a topic that has come up many times in conversations with others.  Also, please go to and make a one-time or recurring donation so that we can start paying our sound editor and recording engineer.  We’re not treating this as a business venture, and we plan to incorporate as a non-profit when and if we have the funds to accomplish that.

Some acknowledgements of people I hope you’ll patronize: 
Recognize the intro and closing music?  I need to thank my friend and The Dad Project fan Michael Miley (@mileyondrumz), #beastmode drummer for Rival Sons, for giving us permission to use Rival Sons music.  Buy their music and learn why Rival Sons is Slash’s and Ozzy Osbourne’s favorite band.
Thanks to Nick Chamberlain, our sound editor and the guy who pulled all the web and podcast app pieces together to make this an actual podcast.  Want to launch a podcast or edit audio content?  Contact Nick.
Thanks to John Rueda, one of our recording engineers.  If you are in the L.A. area and need photography, audio or video content produced, talk to John
Thanks to Daniel Johnson, who also volunteered to do recordings for us.  Daniel has a marriage and family therapy practice, as well as a podcast on psychology and family life where he has interviewed Kendra and me.  If you know someone in greater L.A. who could benefit from the the services of a marriage and family therapist, please contact Daniel.
Thanks to my wife Kendra, who did our graphic design and produced our website.  Obviously she has played an equal part with me in the development of any of the approaches I talk about in the podcast.  For anyone interested in the Catholic culture aspect of how we raise children, which I don’t address in The Dad Project, you can pick up her book, which is available for pre-order now.
And thanks to my co-founders Ashton Ellis and Kirby Fike, who you’ll be hearing in future episodes.

Hope you like it.

With fortitude and prayers for you,